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Introducing The WorldPost - Where the World Meets
The WorldPost was born out of a contradiction and a paradox. The contradiction is the more the world becomes interdependent, the more the media is renationalizing, relocalizing, and even tribalizing. The paradox is the information age is becoming the age of non-communication. 
Henry Kissinger: Idealist – Charlie Rose Interviews Niall Ferguson
A charming and provocative look into both an author and one of the most controversial men in American and world politics, Charlie Rose interviews Niall Ferguson on Henry Kissinger. After a decade of research, Ferguson unveils an idealistic brilliance organizing Kissinger in his younger years.

Presented jointly by The WorldPost and Berggruen Institute. Filmed at the US Book Launch of "Kissinger: The Idealist, 1923-1968". NYC, 29 September 2015.
Ray Kurzweil: We'll Become Godlike When We Connect Our Brains to The Cloud
Futurist Ray Kurzweil speaks at Singularity University about humans becoming more "godlike."
How Art Is Crucial To Understanding The Human Mind
Antonio Damasio, M.D., is a professor of neuroscience and the director of the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California.
A Conversation With Elon Musk
Elon Musk, engineer and business magnate, is here to talk to you about the future innovations that will change life as we know it. The conversation is incredible - and ongoing. Let us know what you think in the comments below!