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B Studio is the social and creative center for the Berggruen Institute, fostering original in-house and community content. We make ideas. Whatever the expression, we connect thought to the public eye-be that text, visual arts, or video.

Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Photo + Art Competition! Keep scrolling to see the winners.

There were many stunning pieces to choose from. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Now accepting entries for the Fall/Winter 2016 Photography + Art Competition.
Submit your work today!

Photo Competition Winners

James Bridle's Drone Shadow
Sarah Cone's Topiary Grazing
Shalabh Sharma's Cormorant Fisherman
Sherif Hosni's Social Networking

Runner Ups

Manit Chaotragoongit's Chinese Opera
Michel Lagueux's Les Petits Poulets
Peter Jacobson's Nets
Yena Han's Think and Act

Honorable Mentions

Yakun Chen's STAMP (Honorable Mention) Chris Nealy's Stairs and Wall (Honorable Mention) Claus Langbehn's Hangzhou (Honorable Mention) Manit Chaotragoongit's Chinese Opera 1 (Honorable Mention) Manit Chaotragoongit's Chinese Opera 2 (Honorable Mention) Maor Winetrob's Big Brother (Honorable Mention) Matjaz Tancic's Chinese Stadium (Honorable Mention) Matjaz Tancic's Modernity in Ordos (Honorable Mention) Nicholas Wonnell's Nightscape (Honorable Mention) Samy St Clair's Sao Paulo, Brazil (Honorable Mention) Shiawtian Chen's Chinese Architecture (Honorable Mention) Sujan Sarkar's I Can Fly (Honorable Mention) Sujan Sarkar's Peace (Honorable Mention) Theresa Schrantz's China #19 (Honorable Mention) Peter Jacobson's Lijiang Rooftops (Honorable Mention) Peter Jacobson's Top of Jade Mountain (Honorable Mention) Theresa Schrantz's China #20 (Honorable Mention)